Superior Care & Recovery Offered by Athletic Trainers

Orthopedic treatment is often intimidating. How do you know what office to choose? How long is treatment going to take? What services and features are offered to ensure your complete recovery?

These are all legitimate questions that deserve an answer before you seek treatment. One feature that can set one orthopedic surgeon apart from others, is one who utilizes the services of athletic trainers during the evaluation, treatment, and recovery process. As a patient at Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, an athletic trainer will serve as your Orthopedic Navigator to improve your overall care, provide stream-lined communicated, educate you further about your condition, treatment and recovery process.

athletic trainersWhat is an Athletic Trainer?

An athletic trainer is often just referred to as just an AT. This is a health care professional who collaborates with physicians to offer several services. This includes preventative services, clinical diagnosis, rehabilitation services, therapeutic intervention, and even emergency care.

Many people confuse athletic training and personal training; however, there is a significant difference. These two professionals have extremely diverse job duties, skillsets, and educations. An athletic trainer provides preventative, rehabilitative, and physical medicine services. They treat a wide array of patients, including youth, secondary school, college, and professional athletes, military personnel, musicians, and dancers, among others. These professionals work in a number of different professional settings including manufacturing plants, hospitals, schools, and even private physician clinics.

Benefits of an Athletic Trainer

Having an athletic trainer in a physician practice helps to improve patient satisfaction, outcomes, and even overall productivity. They help move the patients more efficiently and effectively through their appointment, diagnosis, and entire treatment process. An athletic trainer also offers a large amount of skill in regard to triage, recording patient’s histories, evaluations, providing instructions for exercise prescriptions, general patient education, and rehabilitation.

The athletic training field emerged from rather humble beginnings. Today, the professional network includes almost 45,000 athletic trainers all around the world. While athletic trainers originally worked in the professional and collegiate sports industry, its field has grown to now encompass many areas to ensure superior treatment and care is provided for athletes, as well as other physically active individuals.


Athletic Trainers at AOSM

The athletic trainers of Advanced Orthopedics & Sports Medicine serve in the role of Orthopedic Navigators to provide education about your condition as well as a treatment strategy.  Your navigator will guide you through each recovery step to ensure treatment is understood, seamless and efficient. Our athletic trainers aid in the quickest, yet safest recovery for you and work to attain the best functional outcomes for our patients. The ATs of AOSM are licensed healthcare providers in the state of Missouri and are certified through the Board of Certification, Inc.

To learn more about the profession of athletic training, please click here.


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