Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction With Suture Tape Augmentation

Dr. Daggett’s ACL Reconstruction Technique

Dr. Daggett’s innovative ACL reconstruction technique is published in a national, peer-reviewed journal, Arthroscopy Techniques. In this technique, the ACL remnant is preserved and reconstruction is performed with a hamstring autograft. The suture tape augmentation is incorporated into the hamstring autograft construct and is independently fixated alongside the ACL graft.

At AOSM, our goal is to individualize our treatment to each patient, and both Dr. Daggett and Dr. Witte utilize a range of techniques to address ACL injuries.  The key to successful treatment is to identify the correct technique for each individual, and this now-published option is another tool in our tool belt.

To read the research and watch a video of this technique, go to Arthroscopy Technique. You can download the PDF: ACL suture tape technique


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