Preventing Injuries this New Year

Injury prevention is not always top of mind when starting a new fitness routine, but it should be.

As the holiday parties come to a close and the cookies disappear, many of us begin thinking about the new year… and of course – new year’s resolutions. According to Neilsen, staying fit and healthy is the top resolution (37% of those surveyed!).

While many people’s good intentions are to get in shape – often the opposite happens. They over-exert themselves and encounter an injury. We have a few tips for making your fitness resolutions a reality, injury-free.

New Year’s Resolution Injury Prevention Tips:

Ease into new activities. No pain, no gain may be the mantra for a seasoned athlete, but it’s not the best course of action for someone not exercising regularly.  Ease into new exercises by gradually increasing length, duration and weight over time.  Listen to your body.

Rest.  Giving your body time to recover is necessary for any fitness routine as injuries are more likely to occur when your body is tired.  Whether it be incorporating lighter activities, such as stretching and walking, and/or having rest days, giving your body time to recover is essential in injury prevention.

Balance your activities.  Variety in your exercise routine is a key way to prevent injuries. In fact, many injuries can be prevented if there is variation in your exercise routine.  If running is your main way to exercise, try adding in some cross-training or weight-lifting, for instance.  Many overuse injuries can easily be prevented by simply incorporating different exercises in your fitness routine.

Seek help when you need it.  Consult a physical trainer, fitness website or other reputable resource to make sure you are performing exercises with proper form. Spending a little time to make sure you’re doing exercises correctly can prevent an injury from occurring.  If you have a known health issue, seek a doctor’s advice on a fitness program to make sure you’re setting yourself up for success.

Good luck!



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