matt-knee-adjust2At Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, we treat every condition within the knee. From routine sprains and replacements, Anterior Knee Ligament (ACL) reconstruction and repairs and advanced techniques repairing Anterior Lateral Ligament (ALL), AOSM has helped injured athletes and members of the Kansas City community return to being active.

Your knee is composed of the femur (thigh bone), patella (kneecap) and tibia (shin bone). The meniscus, which is soft cartilage between the tibia and femur, provides a cushion to help absorb shock while in motion. Injury, arthritis and other diseases of the joint can damage the protective layer, which results in severe pain and difficulty handling day to day activities. We can determine the cause of the issue and provide the proper treatment to help restore pain-free movement. This is true for any knee problem present.

Dr. Daggett has been leading research in the United States for ligament injuries, particularly rotational injuries that often cause ACL and ALL injuries. Combining his experience in his sports medicine fellowship with Dr. Lemak at the American Sports Medicine Institute in Birmingham, AL and his experience with international knee expert Dr. Bertrand Sonnery-Cottet out of Lyon, Dr. Daggett has the experience to determine an individual treatment plan for each patient in order to obtain optimal results.

Each treatment plan Dr. Daggett creates is based on the person being treated. There are no cookie-cutter treatment programs since there are no two knee injuries that are exactly the same. While knee surgery in Kansas City isn’t always necessary, if it is, the goal is to relieve pain and help restore the proper function and alignment of the knee. We understand that any type of surgical procedure can cause anxiety, which is why our doctor and staff are ready to answer any questions or concerns about the procedures you have.

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