I Returned: a road map for athletes

“My scar reminds me where I’ve been but it will not dictate where I’m going.” ACL injuries are common and increasing, unfortunately. The average annual rate of ACL injury during… Read More

Healthy Youth Sports

Did you know 50% of all injuries sustained by middle school and high school students during sports are overuse injuries? This means these injuries are preventable! Kids fall in love with… Read More

Anterior Approach to Hip Replacement

The anterior approach to total hip replacement surgery is a newer technique and alternative to the traditional total hip replacement surgery.  This technique, sometimes referred to as Same Day Hip Surgery,… Read More

JPL Technique: Shoulder Surgery Rehab

The JPL technique was created by Doctor Jean-Pierre Liotard in Lyon, France and has been utilized by physicians and physical therapists throughout the world.  It allows for early, patient-controlled range… Read More

A Physician’s View: Evolving Towards the Future

What does optimal healthcare look like?  Are we as a profession and industry really focused on achieving optimal health for our community?  Is there a better way? These three questions… Read More

4 Benefits of In-Office Arthroscopy

The in-office arthroscopy is a NEW innovative procedure utilized by our physicians in our office setting. The hand-held arthroscope (mieye 2) delivers ACCURATE answers with an INSTANT, REAL-TIME diagnosis. Getting… Read More

Dr Roberts: Advanced Hip Training

Pursuing advanced training on hip care was a natural next step for Dr. Roberts. Since many approaches to hip care exist, fully understanding the options set the foundation for providing… Read More

Knee Arthritis

What are my treatment options for my knee arthritis? Can I avoid surgery? Will this pain ever go away? These are common questions we receive from patients with chronic knee… Read More


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