AOSM Joins Youth Sports Safety Alliance

Advanced Orthopedics & Sports Medicine is pleased to announce it is a proud member of the Youth Sports Safety Alliance. The YSSA has one goal: make America’s youth sports programs safer for young athletes.

Physical activity and organized athletics offer more than something fun for kids to do. Sports encourage youth to stay fit, forge friendships, build self-esteem and develop valuable life skills about teamwork, work ethic and discipline.

However, inherent risks are associated with participation in sports. Common injuries incurred with youth sports can range from ligamentous and other musculoskeletal injuries to asthma to concussion and many other conditions. Every year high school athletes suffer approximately 2 million injuries1, 30,000 hospitalizations, and nearly 200,000 doctor visits2. An estimated 712,700 children ages 19 and under were seen in emergency departments across the nation for injuries related to football or basketball in 2013 alone3. As a member of the Youth Sports Safety Alliance, Advanced Orthopedics & Sports Medicine is dedicated to the prevention and protection of the physically active. To read more statistics on athletic injuries and illnesses click here.

The Youth Sports Safety Alliance (YSSA) is comprised of nearly 300 organizations ranging from parent advocate groups and research institutes to health care and professional associations and youth sports leagues. The YSSA was organized in 2009 by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association.

The YSSA has created a National Action Plan, which gives guidelines for policymakers on how to create steps to decrease injuries and illnesses associated with youth sports.


YSSA National Action Plan

  • Ensure that youth athletes have access to health care professionals who are qualified to make assessments and decisions.
  • Educate parents, athletes, coaches, teachers and others about the signs and symptoms of sports injuries and conditions (e.g., brain injury, heat illness and exertional sickling).
  • Assure pre-participation exams before play begins and, where appropriate, conduct baseline testing.
  • Ensure that sports equipment, uniforms, playing surfaces and environmental conditions are checked for safety and best conditions. Write to state legislators and members of Congress, expressing concerns.
  • Insist that research into youth sports injuries and their effects be undertaken immediately and be supported by tax dollars.
  • Support a national registry of sport-related catastrophic injuries and fatalities to improve safety and participation.
  • Demand that appropriate emergency action plans and safety and medical protocols and procedures are in place at every sporting event and facility.
  • Educate players and others that there’s a difference between pain and injury; and work to eliminate the culture of “playing through pain” without assessment.
  • Ensure that both general and sport-specific safety education be a priority for every administrator, coach, parent and player.

Through a partnership with YSSA, AOSM is heping youth athletes grow and have fun in the safest environment possible.


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